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Shane is a sports enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri. He has a great passion and love for the sports world. Hockey, baseball, football, and basketball is his niche. He's hoping to get more opportunities in the future.
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Odds to Win the 2023-24 Hart Trophy

The Hart Trophy is given to the most valuable player (MVP) in the NHL during the regular season, voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.

Best Odds to Win the 2023-24 Stanley Cup

With training camps beginning for all 32 teams, that means we're getting closer to the start of the 2023-24 NHL season. It's that time of...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: NFC South Edition

The NFC South is the worst division in the conference and aside from one team, that's not expected to change. In 2022, the division winner...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: NFC North Edition

The NFC North is just one of three divisions to not have a team with an over/under win projection in double-digits. While that might be...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: NFC West Edition

The NFC West standings last year could very well look the same in 2023, with the top two teams having a clear gap from the...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: NFC East Edition

The landscape of the NFC is dramatically different from over in the strong AFC. Although that's the case, the NFC East once again could be...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: AFC South Edition

We will go from focusing on one of the best divisions in football, the AFC North, to focusing on one of the worst, the AFC...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: AFC North Edition

Top to bottom, the AFC North might be the best division in football for the 2023 season and the projections suggest just that.

NFL Over/Under Predictions: AFC West Edition

The AFC West has been dominated by Kansas City for seven years in a row. Not only have they won the division each year in...

NFL Over/Under Predictions: AFC East Edition

The over/under win totals have been set for each team as we get closer to the start of the NFL season on September 7th. After...

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